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The Full Story


Inspired by travel and the love of food, The Smokin’ Pig was created!

Life can take you on a roller-coaster ride sometimes as most of you know.


When it does, you must ride the coaster through the ups and downs.  If you do not, you could miss out in the fun of the next turn.


Owner Cat

When that roller-coaster took The Smokin’ Pig owner Cat down a steep hill of the ride one year, the only way for her to get back up the next looped hill of the coaster ride was to jump in her truck and go for a drive. 

Born and raised on farmland in West Grey, Ontario, Catherine (Cat for short) has always been a country girl, helping with the chores on the farm and riding her horses.

That drive took her away from West Grey for a while, lasting approximately 2 years, taking Cat and her two chocolate labs to western Canada, and then continuing into the States touring down the west coast of the entire U.S. of A. and then along the American/Mexican border, spending time with family in Houston, Texas and finally settling in South Beach Miami, Florida, for a little while.

During that drive, the adventure of a lifetime of stories was created, amazing landscapes seen of North America, amazing food was discovered and tasted, and ultimately refocusing on the future occurred as well.

Cat’s career has always been in the Food Service and Hospitality industry and the love of food only grew as she learned new and unique flavours on her adventure tour!

The Food

Her favorite foods were discovered.  In Western Canada you had BBQ.  Along the West Coast you had seafood, Along the Texas/Mexican border you had Tex-Mex and Tacos and southern, rich smoked BBQ joints.  All we can say is YUM.

Eventually, Cat was ready to head back home to Canada.  Staying first on the East Coast of New Brunswick.  There Cat savoured all that the East Coast has to offer and throughout The Smokin’ Pigs menu, you will see hints of some East Coast favorites as well!


With Cat’s parents and family back in Ontario currently raising a herd of Black Angus beef cattle, the heart is where your family and home are, Cat was ready to head back to what she left behind over 5 years earlier.  As the saying goes, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”. That could not be truer for Catherine.


While on the farm, but still working in the city as a Regional Sales Manager in the food industry, COVID hit Canada.  The restaurant industry was hit hard.  Now coming out of the pandemic, and having followed and experienced the triumphs of independent restaurants and their owners’ resilience, it inspired the dream to bring that trip of flavours back to our home here in Southwestern Ontario and my restaurant idea was created!


We (now a group of talented individuals along with Cat) love that we can bring local jobs to the area, support local purveyors, and share with our guests what the The Smokin’ Pig can bring to you, the love of Southern smoked meat from Texas and authentic Mexican tacos!

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